According to a previous Food & Wine Festival, the soy-glazed sticky ribs with green onions and peanuts are making a comeback at EPCOT.

credit to Rock

1-Soy-glazed Sticky Ribs at Trowel & Trellis

About this cuisine, but in all honesty, you just really need to know that it's cheesy bread that tastes exactly like it says.

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2-Toasted Pretzel Bread at Bauernmarkt

The Chocolate Mousse Terrarium is constructed of matcha crumble and chocolate "soil."

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3-Chocolate Mousse Terrarium at Trowel & Trellis

This iced cheesecake in the Fro-Zone style is served with fresh honey, granulated honey, honey mead, and blueberry compote, as presented by the National Honey Board.

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4-Liquid Nitro Honey-Mascarpone Cheesecake at Swirled Showcase

You may be wondering what to make with honey-roasted carrot purée, wild rice pilaf, spring veggies, honey-blistered grapes, and sunflower brittle. Presenting Honey-glazed Cauliflower.

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5-Honey-glazed Cauliflower at The Honey Bee-Stro

Ramen salad tossed in a cup with fresh veggies, grilled chicken, and dashi broth flavoured with chilli oil and yuzu.

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6 Ramen Cup at Hanami

Its characteristics Guajillo pepper-braised meat with fried corn shells. The meal features black beans, shredded cabbage, crema Mexicana, queso fresco, and chives.

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7  Sope de Chilorio at Jardin de Fiesta

Behold the IMPOSSIBLE Jamaican Beef Patty with Spicy Papaya Syrup.

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8-IMPOSSIBLE Jamaican Beef Patty at La Isla Fresca