We're going to take a look at each of the EPCOT rides and how they are ranked? It's your choice!

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Spaceship Earth is a 16-minute omnimover dark ride that transports you inside the park's iconic attraction!

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You'll get buckled into the car and go through a series of tests, which involves rapid drops, tight turns, and an exciting speed run at the finish.  

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It's a NASA-style mission simulator that assigns you a role (pilot, navigator, engineer, or commander), then places you aboard a space shuttle and launches you into space.

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It will teach you about Disney's cutting-edge growth procedures and fish farming techniques, as well as the history of farming and gardening.

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This ride depart you on the top row, you're hung 50 feet over the ground. If you want to experience the world from above, climb aboard!

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The trip leads you through mind tricks, illusions, and even an SKUNK SMELL. Kids either adore or dislike this ride—be prepared for loud noises, sudden blasts of air thrown in your face, and some rather unsettling sequences.

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It's the latest and greatest, and it outperforms every other space-themed attraction at Disney World. Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind is a family oriented indoor coaster.

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