Tiger Woods revealed on Monday night that he is changing his appearance to start the new year.

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An extended collaboration with TaylorMade Golf to introduce Sun Day Red, a lifestyle brand.

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The 27-year partnership between Woods and Nike ended, which brought about the shift.

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This began with Woods' "Hello, World" ad when he went pro in August 1996.

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In 2016, Nike ceased to operate its golf club and ball equipment business.

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In the past, Woods held contracts with Bridgestone for golf balls and TaylorMade for clubs.

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He is now fully committed to TaylorMade's clothing and shoe business.

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According to the firm, the design of "Sun Day Red" features a tiger spanning three words, symbolising his fifteen major victories.

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Woods remarked, "I have a lifetime of experience modifying my clothing and footwear to help me play better based on how it was constructed. I have learned so much over the years."

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