A Professional video gamer, Jeff is prodigiously talented at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

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With 750,000 subscribers on YouTube alone, he has a devoted following of people who are willing to spend money on their passion.

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Jeff received an offer from a company to pay $280,000 over the course of two months for just a few 30-second YouTube channel advertisements.

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But rather than, he decided to break ranks with the elite CS:GO player community and battle a new enemy

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He said, "I wanted to show how young people's brains are being rotted by unrestrained gambling."

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In basically, skins might be deadly weapons or a stylish character outfit.

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Skins are usually found in "loot boxes" or "cases," which players purchase for tiny amounts of money without knowing what they will find within.

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Although skins can be obtained through loot boxes, they can also be purchased on the Steam marketplace.

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Skins or the Loot Box function just like any other casino. After adding money to your account and placing a wager, you watch the images spin and find out if you won or lost.

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In order to play CS:GO, players need to have an account on the Steam platform, which was developed by US-based game developer Valve.

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"Skins gambling increases the value of the skins, and Valve keeps a portion of every sale made on the Steam market." Thus, they ultimately receive more.

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