On the eve of Feyenoord's opening leg in the Europa League playoffs, Daniele De Rossi talked with Sky Sportky.

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The head coach of Roma was questioned about his feelings before his maiden managerial appearance in Europe.

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"It's all very fascinating and exciting to me." I got started on this adventure a little too quickly, but it fascinates me and keeps me up at night," De Rossi remarked.

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"This match was just as exciting as the first one at the Olimpico." I want to give it everything I have, no matter how long it takes, since I'm learning everything.

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Lukaku and Dybala? They're alright. During the brief training days, they performed admirably. They look great, in my opinion.

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even in regard to spirits. Although we perform better following wins, I'm pleased with our performance following the Inter loss.

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Ndicka? He hasn't returned yet. I was unable to respond to his call when he made it at the press conference.

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On Friday, he will come, beaming with happiness. We'll give him our congratulations.

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He is a vital player, therefore we are excited to have him back on the pitch.

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