Once more, Darkrai, the beloved Pitch-Black Pokemon, will be making an appearance in Pokemon GO Raids.

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These are the most effective counters to defeat this five-star raid.

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One of the most sought-after Pokemon in every game, this ghastly Pokemon makes its home in trainers' dreams.

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Since Darkrai is a monotype, it's not too difficult to figure out which types are effective against it.

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Ghost and psychic types are undesirable to bring, and Dark-type Pokemon are ineffective against Darkrai.

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As long as the Pokemon has a high CP, you can bring any kind that isn't mentioned in this line to the raid.

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Although Terrakion is the most effective counter for Darkrai, you don't have need one on your squad to be competitive.

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Although Darkrai appears to be a strong opponent in Pokemon GO, trainers should feel comfortable taking on this five-star raid in smaller groups.

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To defeat Darkrai, four to five trainers equipped with formidable Fighting-type Pokemon teams should be sufficient.

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