Celebrities are redefining athleisure in 2024!

Credit: First Class

1-Rihanna stuns in sleek, black athleisure wear.

Credit: Elle

2-Zendaya rocks bold, colorful athleisure outfits.

Credit: Revist

3-Dwayne Johnson's gym wear inspires casual looks.

Credit: Yahoo

4-Hailey Bieber showcases chic, minimalist athleisure.

Credit: South China

5-Chris Hemsworth combines athleisure with street style.

Credit: pinnaxis

6-Kim Kardashian flaunts high-fashion athleisure.

Credit: instyle

7-Gigi Hadid mixes comfort with high-end fashion.

Credit: w magzine

8-Shawn Mendes blends sporty and casual perfectly.

Credit: w magzine