Get ready for a blast from the past! revisit the iconic fashion trends of the 1990s 

Totally Tubular! 90s Fashion Trends

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Staple wardrobe item in the 90s grunge scene

Totally Tubular: Flannel Fever

Credit: dogreen

From nightgown to fashion statement 

Totally Tubular: Slip Dresses

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From tattoo chokers to velvet chokers, variety was key 

Totally Tubular: Chokers

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From chunky combat boots to platform sandals, comfort met style 

Totally Tubular: Platform Shoes

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High-waisted and relaxed fit became a favorite 

Totally Tubular: Mom Jeans

Credit: Bruno

From simple ponytail holders to statement piece

Totally Tubular: Scrunchies

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Bold and vibrant colors became a fashion must-have 

Totally Tubular:Neon Lights Up the Night

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From practical to statement piece, backpacks became trendy 

Totally Tubular:The Rise of the Backpack

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A decade of self-expression and individuality 

Totally Tubular! The Legacy of 90s Fashion

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