On Tuesday, March 12, no ticket got all six winning Mega Millions numbers; therefore, the estimated jackpot (which has a $381.8 million cash option) increases to at least $792 million. The jackpot keeps increasing until it's won.

Unless you have millions of dollars to wager, there is no meaningful method to increase your 1 in 302.6 million chances of winning the jackpot.

Occasionally, a winning number or two has been highlighted in these hints ahead, helping gamers slightly reduce their odds.

All of the white balls have rolled out in the more than 100 drawings during the last 12 months, but some, like Nos. 48 and 56, haven't shown in months. These figures haven't been released in at least a hundred days..


No. 23 hasn't rolled out for the Mega Ball in over 300 days. More than 200 days have passed since the rollout of four more. All of these Mega Balls haven't rolled out in at least a hundred days.


It has been more than 300 days since No. 23 rolled out for the Mega Ball. Over two centuries have elapsed since the release of four additional. At least a hundred days have passed since any of these Mega Balls have rolled out.


Least likely numbers: Nos. 3, 10, 29 and 61 have been picked 13 times or more – well above the average of 7.5 times in a year.


The Mega Balls with the lowest likelihood are Nos. 11, 18, and 24: In the past year, all three have been selected eight times. On Tuesday, No. 24 was also released.


The Mega Balls numbered 11, 18, and 24 have the lowest probability. All three have been chosen eight times in the last year. No. 24 was also issued on Tuesday.