Russell Wilson's tenure with the Broncos appears to be coming to an end after two seasons in Denver.

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The 35-year-old was notified on Monday, March 4, by the Broncos organisation that he will not be playing once the new year league kicks off on March 13.

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Russell Wilson's time with the Denver Broncos ended tragically for the following five reasons.

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To put it mildly, Russell Wilson had extremely high expectations when he arrived in Denver.

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Russell Wilson has been criticised for not getting along with the players he plays against on the football field sufficiently during his career.

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Throughout his first ten seasons in the league, Wilson amassed one of the most remarkable résumé of any signal caller in the league, setting himself up for a first ballot Hall of Fame career.

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The Denver Broncos sent senior players and draft capital, including two first-round picks, to the Seattle Seahawks in order to acquire Russell Wilson. They also signed him to a hefty $245 million five-year agreement.

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the split between Wilson and the Broncos got pretty bad towards the end of that union.

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