Taylor Swift left her mark on 2023 with several records and her billion-dollar Eras Tour

PR experts believe that Taylor Swift can upset her fans by making "one wrong statement."

The 34 year-old singer had a great 2023 as she broke several records and embarked on her billion-dollar Eras Tour.

 However, her success can be threatened by a wrong opinion on any prevailing issue.

PR guru Andy Barr told the Mirror, "Taylor Swift has the world at her feet right now and looks like an unstoppable media machine.

The only risk she could face in 2024 is upsetting those who have helped her get there i.e. The Swifties."

He noted: "Whilst they are a dedicated and loyal fanbase, I think it is ok to label them as being a bit hardcore.

They seem to move as one. A connected, powerful group that has almost become a movement, and they are known for being a bit sensitive at times."

Andy further warned the Lover hitmaker that "one wrong statement" could make the fanbase turn on her

“In footballing terms they feel a bit like the 'ultras' that you see supporting European teams. Crazily loyal to their team, but also ready to explode at any moment." Said Andy