Flowy maxi dresses and floral prints are back in style.

1-1970s Boho Chic

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Bold shoulders and tailored blazers are trending again.

2-1980s Power Suits

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Poodle skirts and pin-up dresses are making a resurgence.

3-1950s Rockabilly

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A-line mini dresses and go-go boots are seeing a revival.

4-1960s Mod

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Flannel shirts and distressed denim are popular once more.

5-1990s Grunge

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Fringe dresses and art deco details are in vogue.

6-1920s Flapper

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High-waisted trousers and structured blouses are back.

7-1940s Utility Wear

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Sequins and metallic fabrics are trending again.

8-1980s Glam

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Jumpsuits and platform shoes are making a comeback.

9-1970s Disco

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Slip dresses and neutral palettes are seeing renewed interest.

10-1990s Minimalism

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