"We're not offering any defences. We're not doing that; you're kind of on defence, you're being chased. We are going after 2024 and this chance.

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The LSU Tigers have enjoyed a fun-filled offseason following their seventh national championship in programme history.

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But head coach Jay Johnson and his group never gave up.

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As Johnson mentioned above, the Tigers intend to stick to the same motto throughout the 56-game season.

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This LSU squad appears capable of challenging for a second straight championship at first impression.

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However, it seems like a difficult assignment to replace Dylan Crews and Paul Skenes, the MLB Draft's Top 2 picks from last summer.

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However, the National Coach of the Year from the Tigers' incredible run for the 2023 championship is happy with how title defence preparations have gone.

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As the 2024 season approaches, there are plenty excellent development stories that will surface.

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