The gaming community is experiencing unparalleled levels of excitement as rumours about the much awaited GTA 6 keep circulating.

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According to recent rumours, the game's second trailer might release as early as May 2024.

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The excitement escalated after the first trailer was released two months ago.

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causing a lot of debate and speculation about the future of the game.

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This source indicates that there's a probability Rockstar Games may release the second GTA 6 teaser in May 2024.

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The main topic of discussion is when Take-Two Interactive's last-quarter earnings call, which is expected to happen that month, will take place.

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which, according to Sportskeeda, might take place at the same time as the trailer's release.

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The exciting notion that @GTAVI_Countdown presented has caused the GTA community to erupt with excitement.

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