Roguelike action The PC launch version of BlazBlue Entropy Effect (1.0) is now available through Steam.

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A 22% launch discount is available to potential gamers, making the game $17.15.

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The DLC package "BlazBlue Entropy Effect - Launch Exclusive Content" and "BlazBlue Entropy Effect - Soundtrack" is now only $19.06 after a 21% discount.

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The game's official Twitter account is hosting a giveaway promotion.

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Other minor details about the move from Early Access to full release may be found in the BlazBlue Entropy Effect Steam page's news section.

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After the world devolves into chaos, The Story of the BlazBlue Entropy Effect takes place in the future.

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In a desperate attempt to preserve the world, people enter ACE, a cyberspace.

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It is made clear that this book is a spinoff of the BlazBlue series, with a fresh narrative and location that is unrelated to the main chapters.

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