Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes are reflecting on their year together and showing fans what they kept private for months.

BTS of our 2023, a year we primarily avoided social media and didn't get to fully share with everyone. Holmes, and Robach, started in their combined 

That was a quiet, beautiful night we spent at home … alone. Happy and excited, but also anxious and unsure of what the new year (2023) would bring.  Joint Instagram Post.

Turns out, it brought us perspective, peace, opportunity, better health, improved relationships with those we love, and the joy of living authentically.”` They added

From the tequila toasts to the sunshine selfies … from the French Riviera to family dinners … from birthday celebrations with friends to the sidelines of SEC Football.

They wrote. “What you’ll see here is us. The real us. The silly us. The happy us.”

Robach and Holmes concluded their post stating that they “won’t be hiding out at home alone this NYE.” In addition to the video.

Holmes shared a collection of photos via Instagram Story with the hashtag, Our2023youdidnotsee,”

In one story, Holmes shared a snap from February 2023 of a tote bag with the words “Totes getting married!” on the front

He explained that a bellman gave them that tote in Puerto Vallarta after asking if there was a beach bag they could borrow. “We used it, but turned it inside out,” he wrote.