The race to create the iPhone of artificial intelligence is heating up.

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Rabbit, a technology startup, introduced its rival on Tuesday: a compact, orange walkie-talkie-style device. 

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According to the company, "AI agents" can do tasks on behalf of the user.

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Rabbit's founder, Jesse Lyu, requests that the device plan him a trip to London; the keynote displays the device creating an itinerary and arranging his trip. 

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He gets a pizza, hails an Uber, and instructs the gadget on how to create an image with Midjourney.

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The Rabbit r1 device is simply the latest in an increasingly active new hardware segment.

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Altman and Softbank's Masayoshi Son are said to be discussing the creation of a separate AI hardware device alongside iPhone designer Jony Ive.

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The Rabbit r1 is based on a new form of AI system known as a "large action model," according to Lyu during his presentation revealing the device.

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