Paris Hilton announces the birth of her baby suggested name "London"

Paris Hilton revealed the news on Instagram by sharing a snap of a pink Outfit.

Paris Hilton said "London" my favorite city and I've always wanted to this name for my daughter.

Hilton & Reum married in a lavish ceremony in November 2021. 

As the heir apparent to the Hilton hotel empire, Paris Hilton rose above the socialite ranks to become a sensation in popular culture.

Her reality show "The Simple Life" catapulted her to fame, showcasing her extravagant lifestyle and endearing personality. 

Beyond fame, she's a savvy businesswoman, building a global empire through fragrances, fashion lines, and more.

Surprising many with her DJ career, Paris carved her space in music, headlining at prestigious clubs worldwide. 

Her philanthropy includes supporting animal charities and advocating for animal rights, showcasing her compassionate side 

Over the years, Paris evolved, revealing a more introspective and business-minded side, defying initial perceptions.

Paris Hilton remains an enduring figure, leaving an indelible mark on pop culture, fashion, and the entertainment industry.