MrBeast released his first video on X.


The content producer stated that he was testing the platform's proposal to share ad money.

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MrBeast earlier stated that it wasn't worth publishing the films on X because they were so expensive to create.

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MrBeast, the YouTube sensation, may be preparing to spend more time on Elon Musk's X.

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On Monday, the YouTuber, actual name Jimmy Donaldson, uploaded his debut video directly to the social media network.

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In the post, he stated that he was testing Musk's ad-revenue sharing structure.

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"I'm uploading this to see how much advertising money a video on X might generate. "Will share ad revenue next week," he stated.

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Musk and Donaldson have a long history of interacting on social media.

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Musk earlier invited Mr. Beast to publish his videos on X.

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However, the suggestion was received with a sharp response from the content provider.

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