Investors have been cautioned by Meta that there is a chance of major harm or death associated with Mark Zuckerberg's martial arts pastime.

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According to the social media behemoth, its founder's passion for competitive battling

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which saw him recover from surgery for a ruptured ligament last year, might suffer if he missed time.

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"Mr. Zuckerberg and certain other members of management engage in a variety of high-risk activities," stated Meta.

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such as extreme sports, combat sports, and leisure flying, all of which have a high potential for fatalities and serious injuries.

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"Our operations could be seriously impacted if Mr. Zuckerberg were to become unavailable for any reason." Meta Said

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The Meta head is training with previous professionals and has developed a growing obsession with mixed martial arts, even erecting a "octagon" in his garden.

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He talked about arranging a "cage match" with Elon Musk last year, but the negotiations fell through.

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As Mr. Zuckerberg became the fourth richest person in the world, he overtook Bill Gates.

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