Kaley Cuoco can't get enough of her lovely baby girl!

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The actress attended a special screening of her new Prime Video film Role Play on Thursday. 

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She spoke frankly on the red carpet about her 9-month-old daughter Matilda's recent achievements.

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Cuoco joked, "Um, that I'm here without her."

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The new mum then shifted gears and extolled the virtues of her expanding family.

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"I love her so much, I really do," the Young Sheldon star told PEOPLE.

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"She is quite amusing. I believe what I like best about myself is that she finds me amusing." She went on to say

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I believe she is my finest audience. I've never laughed so hard in our house as I have with this baby.

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And I used to think I got a lot of laughs, but now I'm her 24/7 clown entertainment, and I love it." Cuoco said

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"Tom and I were sitting with Matilda the other day, and she was literally staring at us, and she touched both of our faces." She went on to say.

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