Arrowhead Game Studios, the creator of Helldivers 2, has updated the well-liked cooperative shooter.

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This targets the several matchmaking problems that launch has encountered.

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Even though Helldivers 2 is a commercial and critical success, selling over a million copies on the PC and PlayStation 5,

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It turning into the largest launch for Sony on Steam, but matchmaking was severely hindered by server issues during its release.

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Since launch, the developer has made an effort to address these problems, acknowledging that it was unprepared for the over 360,000 concurrent players it had to handle.

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And to aid in the battle, patch 01.000.008 is now available for the PS5 and PC.

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The patch's primary goals are to fix crashes, enhance matchmaking, and optimise the game's server.

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And to provide an update on the recent Defend event, which has seen the opening of additional planets in the conflict with the Automatons.

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