Carhartt jackets have become a symbol of durability and style in today’s fast-changing fashion

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Founded in 1889, Carhartt has been a trusted name in work apparel for over a century.

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In 2024, Carhartt continues to integrate the latest technologies into its jackets

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Carhartt jackets have long been admired for their durability and utility

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But what sets them apart is the wide selection of styles available.

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Traditional Work Jacket: Carhartt’s traditional work jacket remains a timeless classic.

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Active Jacket: Perfect for those on the move, the active jacket combines durability with a more tailored fit.

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Detroit Jacket: The Detroit jacket pays homage to Carhartt’s roots with a design inspired by the Motor City.

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Hooded Jackets: Carhartt’s hooded jackets provide an extra layer of protection against the elements.

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Sherpa-Lined Jackets: For colder climates, Carhartt offers sherpa-lined jackets.

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Full Swing® Jackets: Catering to those who need maximum range of motion

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