The next non-electric vehicle invention from Elon Musk has a striking resemblance to the evil automatons in the film I, Robot.

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Fortunately, rather than looking like the artificially intelligent threats from action films

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These Tesla Bots, sometimes known as Optimus robots, seem more like Alice from The Brady Bunch.

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An image of an Optimus obediently folding laundry was posted on X, the platform that was formerly known as Twitter.

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These are the kinds of activities that the bots are designed to perform—tasks that the majority of us would probably find tedious and repetitious.

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Musk put together a technical and software team to create a “general purpose, bi-pedal, autonomous human robot.”

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The project description from Tesla states that the machine is meant to accomplish "unsafe, repetitive, or boring tasks."

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According to Electrek, if Musk gets his way, they will eventually finish producing his electric vehicles before moving on to domestic projects.

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