"Bonnie is somebody who was incredibly close with Maya Lopez growing up," Jacobs tells TV Insider. 

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"She was a Coda, a child of deaf adults." So, despite the fact that Bonnie is deaf, she is fluent in ASL (American Sign Language).

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"As a result, they were able to grow up extraordinarily close, almost like sisters." She added

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"When Maya Lopez is kind of torn away to New York City and becomes part of Fisk's army, there's a disconnect that happens and a severing of that relationship between Maya and Bonnie," she says.

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She added "And when Maya comes back into town, back into the Choctaw Nation [she] has to confront all of these demons of her past."

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While Jacobs claims, "I think the relationship with Bonnie is one that's haunted her that she doesn't necessarily want to deal with," Spencer's Henry has a different narrative.

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“Uncle Henry is running the Oklahoma chapter of Fisk’s crime syndicate when Maya comes back into his life,” 

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"I didn't previously know ASL despite always having wanted to learn," Jacobs said.

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