Jennifer Lopez shared photos of her brand-new $60 million palatial house with husband Ben Affleck on Instagram in 2023.

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She showcased the opulent home in the backdrop as she walked the red carpet in her pale pink strapless gown with rose motifs.

In an Instagram photo, the 54-year-old celebrity revealed more areas of her home as she prepared for the Golden Globe Awards.

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Wearing a pale pink strapless gown with rose embellishments, she walked the red carpet while showcasing the lavish property in the background.

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Also seen was her upscale and roomy dressing room complete with a sofa and ottoman. 

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The singer was promoting her new album This Is Me...  

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She was now strolling across the lawn of the mansion in Bel-Air, California, which boasts views of the neighbouring mountains.

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The swimming pool costs around $150,000 because it is extra large 

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This Is Me, her latest album... It's about her renewed passion for Affleck now that their engagement ended almost two decades ago.

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