An asteroid first spotted in 2007 which quickly got lost — astronomers have no idea where it is — could hit Earth as soon as this year, according to MSN

The odds are pretty long. Asteroid Know as 2007 FT3 will have about an 11 million to 1 chance of hitting us on Oct. 5, 2024 

It's not high enough to make you cancel your Halloween party. There’s a slightly higher probability of 1 in 10 million in 2030, MSN

Those are tremendous chances that we’ll emerge unscathed.

But remember, the odds of winning a billion-dollar lottery are 1 in 300 million, and that does happen from time to time.

Whatever it is, it's unlikely it will be as big as the asteroid that NASA lost in 2007.

Now, however, it has been predicted that there is a chance that the asteroid could hit Earth.

While the asteroid is not large enough to cause an extinction level event from its impact.

it's certainly large enough to do a lot of damage to a continent.

The asteroid in question is the catchily-named Asteroid 2007 FT3, which was first spotted in 2007 before quickly going missing.